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meet the crew!

Danielle Stowell runs Wicked River, a local event production company, and helps make sure all the logistical moving parts and pieces of the market run smoothly behind the scenes. She graduated from Loras College and has an MBA from Clarke University. In general she's a local foods & arts advocate volunteer around town, but at the Night Market you'll most likely catch her enjoying a beer by the music.

Andie Donnan has years of experience working in various parts of our local foods system at farms, restaurants, the Dubuque Food Co-op, and the Dubuque Main Street Farmers' market. She graduated with a Business degree from Northeast Iowa Community College and is clearly putting it to good use as the brains behind how to build a sustainable, vibrant market! Andie is also the co-owner of Sandhill Farm, part of the organic Sinsinawa Mound Collaborative Farm.

Hans Keimig-Gehrke is a graphic design student at Northeast Iowa Community College as well as a bartender at Brazen Open Kitchen. He enjoys being involved with the local food scene and has been with the market since 2019.

Theresa VanSchyndel started as Danielle's assistant in 2021 and has been very involved in Wicked River's events, including the Millwork Night Market, since. You can also find her as a consultant at City Girl Farming. She is excited to continue to grow in the Wicked River company and our community.

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